Whisper Travel Offers You Many Benefits:
  • We have traveled the World, all five Continents, so benefit from our first-hand experience and global connections.
  • Our Global partnerships allow us to create unique, custom-made travel experiences.
  • Sign up and receive our latest offers, travel tips and free giveaways.
  • Unlike the internet, you can leave your planning to us, professionals who will be there for you before you leave, during your trip and when you return.
  • Special savings on select Cruises, Tours, Vacation Packages, Airfare and Trip Insurance.
  • Free courier service to pick up or drop off your pre-travel FX currency exchange orders (booked clients only).
  • 24/7 customer support worldwide.
Top Reasons to use a Travel Agent:
  • whisper travelOne-Stop Shopping - Travel agents can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours, cruises, travel insurance, passport and visa applications, dining and shopping tips, destination information and much more.
  • Consumer Advocate - If you should have a problem during your trip, travel agents can act on your behalf to see that proper restitutions are made.
  • Save Money - Travel Agents have access to the myriad of airfares, hotel rates, package tours, and cruise vacations worldwide and are Internet savvy.  Accompanied by strong working relationships with travel suppliers, often the best deal lies with the people who know where to look.
  • Personal Relationships - Like a good doctor, attorney, or accountant, your travel agent knows you, your lifestyle and tastes.  Armed with this knowledge and statistical information stored confidentially through state-of-the-art technology, an agent becomes a trusted advisor.
  • Point of Contact - A travel agent can take care of the rearrangement of flights, hotels and other issues that may arise while the client who booked direct has to join the queue with everyone else. This includes unforeseen events like lost or delayed luggage, health issues, lost or stolen belongings.
  • Travel Expertise - Many Travel Agents are considered experts in the area you are traveling to and have probably been to your chosen destination.  They attend all sorts of seminars and classes to prepare themselves for your travel requests.
  • Enhancing the Trip - Agents offer value and amenities by providing inclusions or extras at no cost. These may come in the form of gifts or special promotions not available elsewhere.
  • Less Stress - Planning a trip can be stressful.  There are so many options and details to worry about. Travel Agents do the work, resulting in less stress for you.
  • Updated Information - Travel Agents are constantly communicating with the travel community, thus giving you the most up to date info on airline regulations, hotels, car rentals, cruise ships, travel visas and other travel services to consider when planning your trip.
  • Customer Service - Travel Agents offer that "personal touch" to your travel planning experience - offering help and advice that a website cannot provide!
Whisper Travel, LLC is committed to maintaining the privacy of the contact information you share with us. It will never be sold or distributed to another party.
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